About Me:

An Artist and Milliner

Artwork always starts in my mind as something other than it finishes.

Always evolving and ever changing, I prefer rich colours and gestural brush strokes.

I would say I like to abstract the things that I see.

I have lost count of the number of times I post a picture of a work, or receive something back from the Gallery to paint over it, then to have an enquiry about the work before I changed it.

It is an ongoing drama as I have limited storage space and a short attention span!

Motto being: If you love it, buy it, because it will not stay long as it is...

View more to see currently available works - but I cannot say for how long- it depends on my mood!

I strive to create  wearable art, and a style that is unique.

Most of my pieces, where possible are made from up-cycled fabrics.

I believe in giving older things new life, I am able to create individual piece that also minimises my footprint on this beautiful planet, in the name of fashion.

In doing so, all my pieces are  one of a kind numbers.

" Is it Ostentatious enough?" I find myself saying after each piece is completed?

If not it is usually pulled apart and popped into the useful box for another reinvention.

View more to see the instagram link to my current ready to wear Ostentatious designs.

Contact me if you are after a specially designed bespoke Ostentatious Design.



Be Ostentatious....Be One of a Kind​​​​​​​